Timeless design. Beautiful engineering

At Nomadic Homes, we design and build Nordic-inspired A-frame houses for contemporary families and individuals alike. All of our houses are engineered to achieve the optimal balance between functionality, quality materials, cost, and construction times. We have reimagined the design, purchase, and construction processes so you can spend less time building your home – and more time living in it.

Tiny houses

The tiny houses of the Model S range are a cozy dream, maximizing the utility of their compact design while minimizing cost and environmental footprint.

Prefabricated houses

Designed to strike an optimal balance between functionality and space, the Model M range is the perfect choice for long-term living and quick getaways alike.

Modular houses

Offering generous space and refined functionality, the Model L is our most flexible range, suitable for permanent living, a second home, or a holiday retreat.

A-frame houses features

Our A-frame houses are designed to streamline the entire construction journey. We simplify the purchasing and building process without compromising on functional design, quality materials, or precise engineering. Our approach offers an alternative to the cost issues and unexpected delays of traditional construction.

Exceptional structural resistance

Nomadic Homes are constructed using only high-grade resistant wood frames. These frames are meeting the highest structural resistance standards for both individual and commercial use—and ensuring the long-term stability of your new house.

Build anywhere in the world

Every component is precisely manufactured in our production facilities and then transported to your construction site. This allows us to build high-quality homes anywhere in the world—even in the quietest, most secluded corners—without compromising on quality.

Thoughtful, simplified design process

We have designed and engineered 12 structurally-certified A-frame models for you to choose from. This streamlined design process allows us to avoid all the unexpected costs and delays of traditional construction projects, while keeping functionality at the forefront.

Fast, precise construction time

From the moment we arrive at your construction site, to the last finishing, takes less than 8 weeks. By eliminating any guesswork from the building process, we can operate precisely and efficiently across all construction phases, without the usual project stress.

Best in class insulation

Each Nomadic Home is custom insulated to suit your region’s year-round temperature and humidity. From a thermal perspective, wood-frame buildings are inherently more efficient than steel-frame or concrete constructions, delivering optimal comfort at all times.

Light environmental footprint

Nomadic Homes are designed with energy efficiency in mind, making them as close to passive as possible. All of our models have a lower carbon footprint than traditional buildings. Our houses aren’t just kind to your wallet, they’re kind to the environment as well.

Our building process

We’ll guide you through the entire journey from beginning to end, making sure every single step is as clear and smooth as possible. For further details about the steps involved in building your new A-frame house, please visit our Process page or click the button below.